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Spring has sprung!

We've been getting lots of questions lately about wild baby bunnies. If you, or your dog, finds a nest of wild baby bunnies here's what to do:

FAQ: Orphaned Baby Rabbits
The best thing you can do is put the bunny right back where you found him, in the general area, as the mom will only come back at night to call and find him. Leave the area. If the bunny is injured, please contact a wildlife rehabilitator or rabbit vet immediately.

For questions and situations related to wild rabbits (babies or adults), contact CLAWS at (919) 619-0776, Wildlife Welfare at (919) 387-1662, or see

Thank you for considering adoption! There are many rabbits in our area who are looking for their forever homes.

Visit our Adopt and Care sections to learn about the specific needs of a rabbit. Rabbits can live for more than 10 years, and have different needs than other animals, so you want to be sure a rabbit is right for you.

When you are ready for a rabbit, we can help you find the right friend!
Black and white rabbit eating hay

Our rescue and education efforts depend on the generosity of supporters like you!

Donations are used for rabbit care, providing food, bedding, and hay to foster homes and animal shelters; medical care, assisting with funding for spay/neuter surgeries for shelter rabbits in need; adoption events, helping bunnies find permanent homes; and humane education, teaching people about rabbit care and promoting pet adoption in our community.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.
Brown and white rabbit playing on a box
Advocates for Rabbits

Local film maker Kim Best has made a wonderful mini-documentary about rabbits, rabbit care, and adoption. She came and filmed at our annual Rabbit Day event, and also went to visit our friends at Avian and Exotic Animal Care. The video features interviews with volunteers from Triangle Rabbits, Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue, and Dr. Dan Johnson. Check it out!
About Us

Triangle Rabbits is a non-profit, all volunteer, rabbit advocacy group dedicated to supporting rabbit rescue and promoting humane education.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on donations from people like you to help us continue our mission of helping companion rabbits. Please consider making a donation to the cause. To make an online contribution, please visit our Giving page.

We are always in need of volunteers to join our team. If you are interested in helping with events, fostering a rabbit, or helping with fundraising, drop us a line at
Brown and white lop rabbit sitting on a box
Black and white lop rabbit
Ice Cream Social, Sunday, June 25, 2pm
Summer is here! Time for our annual ice cream social! Come join us for some local Howling Cow ice cream at Talley Market, inside the Talley Student Union on the NCSU campus. Enjoy some frozen treats, meet new people, and visit with friends.
Black and white lop rabbit
DIY Toy Workshop, Saturday, July 22, 11am-1pm, $10 per person
Bunderland Bunny Toy Emporium is pleased to host this workshop in conjuction with Triangle Rabbits and the SPCA of Wake County! This Toy Workshop, led by Bunderland owner Becky Lembo, will feature how to make a fun hanging toy and a toss toy for your own bunny or bunnies. The workshop will be from 11:00 am -1:00 pm. The cost of this workshop is $10 (please bring cash if possible) per person, which will be donated by Bunderland to the SPCA of Wake County and Triangle Rabbits.
Following the workshop for your hanging and toss toys, we will be making additional toys for the shelter bunnies using some DIY materials and techniques. You can then give the adoptable bunnies at the shelter the toy(s) that you created for them!

Local Adoptables!

Check out our featured local adoptables! Our gallery features rabbits that...
  • are in local rescues or shelters
  • are in need of rescue or foster placement
  • are fostering with good samaritans and in need of homes
Adoptable gray rabbit named Button
SPCA of Wake County
Adoptable white rabbit named Finley
Courtesy Post
Adoptable brown and white rabbit named Mazie
Triangle Rabbits
Adoptable brown rabbit named Frankie
Rikku and Kairi
Triangle Rabbits
Adoptable brown rabbit named Winifred
Triangle Rabbits
Adoptable white rabbits named Chloe and Katie
Chloe and Katie
Courtesy Post
Adoptable brown rabbit named Lexi
SPCA of Wake County
Adoptable black and white rabbit named Checkers
SPCA of Wake County

Our mission is to educate people about having house rabbits as companions, assist bunny parents with finding the information they need to take the best care of their rabbits, and help rabbits in local animal shelters through our volunteer efforts.

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Our rescue and humane education efforts depend on the generosity of supporters like you! Funds we raise go towards needed supplies and medical care for shelter and rescue rabbits.