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Getting Involved

Want to get involved with bunnies in our community? Want to talk to other rabbit people, both in your neighborhood and across the country? Want to be an advocate for rabbits?


Bunnies in animal shelters need you! Do you have time to give them some playtime, brush them, or talk to them? Maybe you would like to donate some rabbit-safe toys for them to play with? How about stopping by with some fresh veggies (every bunny loves that!)? Would you like to foster a bunny? If any of these things sound like fun, visit the rescue and shelter websites on our Adoption page to find someone near you, or email us at

Volunteer with us! We do community education programs and adoption events, coordinate foster programs, help with bunny transport, and have a small adoption program at AniMall Pet Adoption and Outreach Center. We are always looking for people who want to make a difference for rabbits! If you are interested in helping out, drop us a note at

To hear about fostering opportunities with local rescues, volunteering at events, or keeping up with rabbit-related happenings, subscribe to our mailing list.
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We are a small community organization working to help companion domestic rabbits. We support local programs by helping to provide food, hay, toys, and other supplies for rabbits in local animal shelters, and by sponsoring spay/neuter surgeries as we are able. All the funds we raise go towards helping rabbits, either by purchasing needed supplies, promoting pet adoption, or teaching people about good rabbit care through community classes. If that sounds great to you, please consider supporting our programs.
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Find Rabbit People!

Join a local group:

Triangle Rabbits Meetup group - our Meetup group in the Triangle area! Find classes, social events, and help with adoption events.

Follow our Rescue Friends to help with Rabbit Networking!

The Cape Fear House Rabbit Society
Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue
SPCA of Wake County
Wake County Animal Center
APS of Durham
Avian and Exotic Animal Care

Join an online group:

Etherbun - a moderated list devoted to the health, care and behavior of domestic, companion rabbits.
HouseBun - a moderated list to discuss the health, care and behavior of house rabbits.
BunSpace - an online community for rabbit lovers.
Rabbits Online - an online rabbit forum.

For information about joining the national House Rabbit Society, click here.
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