Gray Flemish giant rabbit on blue rug

Featured Local Adoptables

These rabbits are available for adoption from shelters, rescue groups, and individuals. Each group has it's own application process and adoption fees. If you are interested in meeting one of these bunnies, please contact the group or individual directly. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.
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Why, hi there! You have come to the right place, my friend. My name is Duncan, and it is so fabulous to finally meet you. I really want a family that's going to commit to loving me fur-ever and always. Bunnies are social creatures, so hopefully you have lots of time to spend with me. I especially love having time outside of my cage to hop around and explore. If I'm super happy, you'll even see me binky about! My diet is also quite important- lots of leafy greens, rabbit pellets, and timothy hay will help keep me in great health. Spend some time with me, inevitably fall in love, and take me home today. To learn more about me contact the SPCA of Wake County.
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My name is Bixby – nice to meet you! I am named after the actor, not the phone (I know you were wondering). My foster family says I have a big personality for a little bunny! I am quite shy at first. I need some time to get to know you, but then I like to have my nose rubbed. I think it’s fun to sit quietly, and then surprise everyone with a burst of energy! I love my toys. Chew mats and willow twigs are favorites – I love things to chew! I also enjoy cardboard tubes and toss toys. I’m ready to go home with a bunny-loving family! To meet me, fill out an adoption application!
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My name is Hermione and I am sure to put that extra spring in your heart when you take me home. I came here to find a family of my very own to love and take care of me forever and ever. I may be a bit shy at first, but you'll soon see that I am very friendly and love to get attention from people. Do you have an area for me to hop around in safely? I really need to stretch my legs and would like to spend some time with you every day! When I'm hanging out in my enclosure I would love to have some timothy hay and pellets. It is also really important that I get my fresh veggies in; apples and leafy greens are some of my favorite things. If I sound like the bunny that you have been searching for, then take me home already! Come see me at SPCA of Wake County.
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Spot *Adoption pending*

Did you just Spot the perfect bun for you? Well - what a coincidence! I'm Spot! I'm the sweetest rabbit in search of a forever family. I started my journey to the SPCA as a classroom rabbit; you bet I did great with kids of all ages! I'm quite an active bunny, so I'm sure my new home has a large bunny-proofed area where I can explore and stretch my legs. Don't forget to get me some chew toys. Something special about me, I have been diagnosed with E. cuniculi, so you'll need to speak with your vet about how to care for me. To learn more about me contact the SPCA of Wake County.
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Molly and Max

Ahoy! Meet Max and Molly! They fancy themselves as bunny pirates, and make their toys walk the plank into the water bowl! Willow balls, beware! They enjoy salad, and need a home where they can get lots of exercise (buccaneer Max could use more exercise and fewer treats, but don’t tell him we said so).
Molly is outgoing, friendly, and likes to meet new people. Max is a shy fellow, and prefers to nap in his cardboard hideout. Interested parties can email the landlubbers at Triangle Rabbits to learn more, or fill out an adoption interest form!
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to me! I'm Nova, and I'm the happiest boy in all the land! I LOVE getting attention from humans, so you can see that I'm quite the companion for you. I'll even get in your lap once we're friends! Don't think you can just leave me in that spacious enclosure all the time. It sure does look nice, but I most look forward to spending time with you! I have lots of favorite foods (and some that I don't like so much too!). I love leafy greens and cilantro and basil, but I'm not crazy about turnips or asparagus. I might even toss the food back at you if I don't like it! I'm really excited for you to take me home and make me your new best friend! To meet me, hop on by the SPCA of Wake County.
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Max *Adopted*

I'm Max, and I'm ready to go home with you. I better pack my bags. Wait, I don't have anything to take home! Do you have it already? I need a large enclosure to stretch my legs out in. Hopefully it is a little roomier than my temporary home here. I'm a big fan of timothy hay and eat a whole bunch every day. You will need to make sure to have some of that as well as pellets, veggies and of course the occasional treats. Are you getting all of this? Awesome - well now we get to discuss the fun stuff. Toys and tunnels! I'm super playful and love to toss and chew my wooden toys as well as explore tunnels and boxes. I like other bunnies, and I would love a friend to keep me company in my new home. So have you checked your list, perhaps twice? Have I made the nice bunny list? Excellent! To meet me, contact the SPCA of Wake County.
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Serena *Adopted*

You must have noticed my adorably, long bunny ears, right? My name is Serena, and I'm one awesome rabbit. Bunnies are fun, but we do require work, though. I am going to need a nice, spacious enclosure - but don't think I'm a cage-animal! I need time outside of our enclosure for exercise to stretch my legs! I think of myself as an interior decorator, and I will rearrange my enclosure as I see fit. If you didn't already know, rabbits LOVE to chew, so having safe toys to gnaw on is a must. We also naturally enjoy foraging, so if you provide me with lots of boxes, tubes, and paper bags full of goodies, I'll never be bored. Lastly, I need some variety in my diet. Besides, who likes eating the same thing every day? Some of my favorites are leafy greens, fruits, veggies, hay, and nutritious rabbit pellets. Let's start our life together! To learn more about adopting me contact the SPCA of Wake County.
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