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Lemon Balm

A Rabbit's Garden

Growing a garden for your rabbit (and you) can be easy and fun. Everyone loves fresh herbs and vegetables, and when you grow your own they are always fresh! A rabbit garden can have other benefits, including helping your budget. Those little herb bunches seem to cost a fortune at the grocery. The good news is that herbs can be among the easiest plants to grow yourself. This year why not give gardening a try? You don't need a big yard, just a few pots on your deck or patio can get you started.

Many herbs and vegetables grow well in containers. In a sunny spot, most herbs will do well in a large pot. If you are growing vegetables in containers, look for the dwarf or bush varieties. A container garden has unlimited possibilities.

Here are some plants you can try out in your bunny garden:

Basil - Ocimum basilicum
Blackberry leaves and fruit - Rubus fruticosus
Borage - Borago officinalis
Chamomile/Camomile - Anthemis nobilis
Chervil - Anthriscus cerefolium
Cilantro - Coriandrum sativum
Dill - Peucedanum graveolens
Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale
Lemon Balm - Melissa officinalis
Marjoram - Origanum marjorana
Mint - Mentha sp.
Oregano - Origanum vulgare
Parsley - Carum petroselinum
Peppermint - Mentha piperita
Raspberry leaves and fruit - Rubus idaeus
Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis
Sage - Salvia officinalis
Strawberry leaves and fruit - Fragaria × ananassa
Thyme - Thymus vulgaris

Beets (for the tops) - Beta vulgaris
Bok choy (Chinese cabbage) - Brassica rapa
Broccoli - Brassica oleracea
Carrot - Daucus carota subsp. sativus
Oat grass - Avena sativa
Kale -
Brassica oleracea Acephala group
Radish (for the tops) -
Raphanus sativus
Rye grass - Secale cereale
Wheat grass - Triticum aestivum

Additional Ideas:

You can make homemade botanical blend hay:
Thyme, rosemary, lavender and chamomile may be added to timothy hay to make your own botanical blend. Make sure they are well dried and add them by the handful. You can use a large Rubbermaid type container to mix.

If you are interested in drying herbs for your bunnies to enjoy all year, take a look at this guide "The Low-Tech Art of Drying Herbs".

Articles to get you started

Bunny Gardening for Beginners
Grow your Rabbit's Greens from Rabbit Rehome

Planning your garden

Square Foot Gardening
Guide to Container Gardening
Home Vegetable Gardening - from NCSU Cooperative Extension
A Homeowners Resource Guide to Lawn and Gardens

Have a Black Thumb?

Many herbs are very hardy and difficult to kill (really). Here are some articles for you:
Black Thumb Gardener

Countertop gardens

Don't have room to garden outside? You might give an Aerogarden a try. You can grow herbs on your kitchen counter with their various kits.

Community Gardens

Community gardens can give you a chance to work with your neighbors and enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. For a small membership fee you and your bunnies can enjoy a variety of fresh foods that you help to grow. Local gardens may also be interested in a compost-veggie exchange. Visit the North Carolina Community Garden Partners to find a garden near you.
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