Checklist of things for your new bunny:
  • Cage or pen (at least 4 times the size of your bunny, bigger is better!)
  • Solid surface to rest on
  • Food dish
  • Water dish or bottle
  • Litterbox
  • Good quality rabbit food
  • Rabbit-safe litter (NO clay, cedar, or pine)
  • Grass hay
  • Toys
  • Fresh greens and vegetables
  • Carrier
  • Book about rabbit care

Interested in adopting a rabbit?

Rabbits can make wonderful companions for the right people. They can be friendly, loving, and fun to live with. Rabbits require space of their own, time to run and play every day, interaction with their caregivers, and medical care from a rabbit veterinarian. Still interested? Read on...
Check out these articles to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you:
Are you a rabbit person?
What are rabbits really like?
Living with a house rabbit
Want to learn more? Visit the House Rabbit Society online.

Rabbits in the House?

People are often surprised to find out that rabbits can live happily in the house. Rabbits are intelligent and sociable, and having your rabbit indoors allows both of you to enjoy each other's personalities and companionship. Also when your rabbit is indoors with you, you can be aware of any changes in his behavior that may signal a medical concern. Life outdoors can be dangerous and lonely for a rabbit, and we are advocates of indoor homes only.
Why an Indoor Bunny?
Life Outdoors
Reasons to Keep Your Bunny Indoors

Getting ready for a rabbit

Adopting a new friend is very exciting! You will want to make sure you are ready for your bunny to come home. Here are some articles about preparing for your rabbit:
House Rabbits 101: Resources for New Bunny Owners
What to expect when you're expecting - a bunny!
First Few Weeks in a New Home

Bunny-proofing you home: Rabbit Proofing FAQ

Ready to meet some adoptable bunnies?

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