Rabbit Day 2016! Saturday, February 27, 10am-4pm!
Be a Hero for Bunnies!

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Amazing Activities!

Meet adoptable rabbits
Learn about rabbit care
Nail trims
Learn about logic toys (11am-1pm)
Bunny matchmaking (optional sign up here)
Grooming tips
Rabbit agility (2pm-4pm)
Craft sale
Raffle to benefit rescue
Toys galore
Face painting (11am-1pm)

Terrific Toys!

Follow this link for a sneak peek at some of our wonderful, handmade toys. New selections especially for Rabbit Day!
Can’t wait? Check out our pre-sale here!

Be a Hero for Bunnies!

Learn about volunteer opportunities in the Triangle area. No matter what skills you have, bunnies have a job for you! Make volunteering part of your life in 2016!

Download our flyer!

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